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LISA is a B14 type robot built by Real World Interface, Inc.. Its equipment includes an omnidirectional kinematic base as well as tactile-, infrared-, sonar-, laser-, and vision- and acoustic sensors. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any specific question about our experiments.

Some specifications

Device General Maximum speed/
sampling frequency
Resolution Range/size/capacity
Kinematics Omnidirectional platform 0.9 m/s 500 ticks/revolution, 328 ticks/° Diameter: 14", height: 1 m (incl. cameras)
Tactile sensors Bumpers Access bus, I2C (100 KB/s) 24 on base, 16 above covering the whole body 0 mm
Infrared sensors Reflection intensity measurement Access bus, I2C (100 KB/s) 16 covering 360° some 10 cms
Ultrasound sensors Time of flight measurement Access bus, I2C (100 KB/s) receptive cone angle: approx. 30° per sensor, 16 ultrasound sender/receivers covering 360° (overlapping) approx. 10 m
Laser system Infrared laser diode, time of flight/phase shift measurement 40 ms/180° 0.5°, ±50 mm, detects diffuse reflections of 1.8% in 4 m 50 m
Vision system Stereo colour camera system 25 Hz 2 × 752 × 582 × 24 bit 6 mm lenses
Auditory system Speaker, 2 Electret condenser microphones 44 kHz 2 × 16 bit, 20 Hz - 20 kHz wide angle, specific receptive fields
Pan-Tilt Unit 2 dof 300 degrees per second 20 ticks/°
Computationl power Dual-Pentium, LINUX 200 MHz 64 MB/2 GB
Connectivity Ethernet: BNC, 10BaseT, Wireless 10 MB/s