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Autonomous Real-Time Systems

Current students

Completed thesis / projects


(auditory modelling, specific and general spatial and behavioural models)


(self-localization, exploration, world-modelling, navigation, neural networks)

  • Simulation of ALICE and dynamic situation clustering [Rainer Smidt '94]
  • Navigation strategies based on reinforcement learning [Cornelia Fischer '94]
  • Construction of the ALICE-platform [Andreas Prüß '94]
  • Self-localization and stable world modelling under realtime constraints [Pascal Lefèvre '94]
  • Exploration strategies for qualitative topologic world modelling [Andreas Prüß '95]
  • Multi-layer self-organizing maps applied for distributed world modelling [Stefan Stranz '95]

(sources of this project are available on request)


(subsymbolic, geometric abstractions - object recognition)

  • Generation of an 3-d world model and adequate control of a laser range finder [Matthias Schäfer '93]
  • Efficient geometric world modelling [Martin Stecher '94]
  • Selective attention strategies for active surface completion [Franz-Josef Nölke '94]
  • The extraction of surfaces [Martin Stecher '92]
  • A neural fuzzy decision system [Jörg Bruske '93]
  • Completion of 3-d surfaces with multi-layer backpropagation networks and frequency coding
  • [Wolfgang Grund '93]
  • Generalization and completion of surfaces with multi-layer backpropagation networks [Jörg Trundt '94]
  • Classification of surfaces on the base of generalization trees and unsupervised neural networks [Edmund Klapper '93]
  • Dynamic surface classifications on the base of 3Grow and Learn2 (GAL) from Alpaydin [Manfred Sigmann '93]
  • Dynamic classification of surfaces with growing cell structures [Herman Keuchel '92]
  • Dynamic classification of surface-clusters on the base of Adaptive Resonance Theory (ART) [Herman Keuchel '94]
  • Dynamic classification of surface-clusters with problem dependent cell structures [Martin Wagner '93]

(sources of this project are available on request)


(realtime communication and operating system)

  • ALBATROSS - all the kernel structures [Christopher Wetzler '91]
  • ALBATROSS - the I/O structure [Rolf Peukert '91]
  • The ALBATROSS communication scheduler [Richard Tebuckhorst '92]
  • Cyclic scheduling in a realtime communication system [Rolf Peukert '94]
  • The blackboard communication scheme [Franz-Josef Nölke '92]
  • A communication monitor [Dirk Sabiwalsky '92]
  • Configuring the hardware components of ALBATROSS [Johann B. Adam '93]


  • Pulsed infrared detectors [Oliver Mezger '94]
  • Userinterface for a classifier system [Oliver Schmitt '93]
  • Cutlery classification employing Learning Vector Quanitization (LVQ) [Joachim Bayer '93]
  • Graphical user-interface controlling a five degree of freedom manipulator [Jörg Trundt '92]
  • Efficient teaching and control of a fiv degree of freedom manipulator [Stefan Stranz '93]
  • Speed measurement and control of DC-motor employing a PID controller [Matthias Schäfer '91]
  • Statistical evaluation of field-tests with a new anodyne [Regina Schmitt '91]
  • Realtime extentions for a Modula-2 compiler [Ulrich Diel '90]