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Conference lists

AAAI Website Index : IAAI, KDD and AAAI conferences.

ACM SIGART - Conference Calendar : Comprehensive listing of national and international conferences on AI, neural nets, cognitive science, robotics etc. Links to calls for papers, programme and registration information.

ACM SIGART - Open Call For Papers (CFPs) Calendar

ACM SIGART - Sponsored Conferences and Workshops

AgentLink: Agent-Related Events (Conferences and Workshops)

IEEE Neural Networks Council (NNC) - Conferences : Comprehensive listing of conferences with a neural network component.

IEEE Neural Networks Council (NNC) - Sponsored Conferences

Neural Networks, Vision and Speech Conferences : This IDIAP page allows you to enter as well as look up announcements for conferences, workshops and other events.

Neural Networks and Related Topics - Calendar of Meetings : International conferences and meetings. Covers other areas of AI and computer science as well.

NEuroNet - Neural Networks Events

Psychology Conferences : German, European and international. Also links to pages of medical and HCI conferences.

Robotics and Control Related Conferences : Conferences, symposia and workshops sorted by conference date, and links to other sources of AI and control engineering-related conference information.

Shinshu - Psychology and Cognitive Sciences on the Internet - Conferences Index

Utrecht List of Conferences in Medical Imaging and Computer Vision

WWW Virtual Library - Conferences :

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Conference and workshop organisers

AAAI - American Association of Artificial Intelligence

ACL - Association for Computational Linguistics

AUAI - Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI)

BEAM - International Robot Games

BMVA - British Machine Vision Association and Society for Pattern Recognition

Cognitive Science Society

IJCAI - International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS)

Oxford - McDonnell-Pew Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience - Workshops and Conferences

Proceedings, abstracts and bibliographies of past conferences

AAAI - National Conference on Artificial Intelligence : Proceedings from 1980 onwards. AAAI Press.

Cognitive Science Society - searchable index of abstracts:

COLT94/ML94 : Information and abstracts.

Deixis - 2nd International Colloquium on Deixis, 1996 : Papers.

ECAI-94 Workshop on Combining Symbolic and Connectionist Processing : Papers.

European Conference on Machine Learning - BibTeX proceedings:

ICLP-94- Workshop on Logic and Reasoning with Neural Networks : Papers.

ML-COLT-94 - Workshop on Constructive Induction and Change of Representation : Papers and abstracts.

NECI Vision Workshop 95 : Online proceedings of meeting between vision psychologists and computer vision researchers. Foci of discussion included object recognition, recovery of structure and motion, subjective contours, perceptual inference, and low level vision.

Neural Information Processing Systems - Abstracts and papers:

Neural Information Processing Systems - BibTex bibliographies from the BibTeX database at Vienna University of Technology's Centre for Computational Intelligence.

Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems: 3| 4| 5| 6| 7| 8

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