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ACM Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence (SIGART) : Information on sponsored conferences, comprehensive listing of international conferences and workshops, bulletin, jobs, journals and news, directory of AI societies and organisations, and related links.

American Association of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)

Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour, Society for the Study of (AISB) : The UK's largest and foremost Artificial Intelligence society. Quarterly newsletter, biennial conference, occasional financial support for specialist workshops and symposia, travel award scheme for young researchers, and special workshops for research students.

Association for Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (AUAI)

Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI) : Also see joint page with Medical Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Vienna (IMKAI) which includes an interactive library information system with bibliographic details of books, research papers, conference papers, journal articles from many subfields of artificial intelligence.

Bern - Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence

Brown - Artificial Intelligence : Research on planning and scheduling, uncertainty, Bayesian networks, belief networks, influence diagrams, dynamics and robotics.

Brunel - Artificial Intelligence

California-Irvine (UCI) - Machine Learning Group : UCI's repository of databases for machine learning research, digests of the Machine Learning List, programs (FOCL, Occam, and HYDRA) developed at UCI, and research papers.

Cambridge - Automated Reasoning Group

Cambridge - Signals and Symbols Group : Research on machine recognition and perception, logic programming, and intelligent planning and control systems.

Canadian Society for Computational Studies of Intelligence (CSCSI) / Société Canadienne pour l'Étude de l'Intelligence par Ordinateur (SCEIO) : Canada's special interest group for the promotion of interest and activity in AI. Members receive the Canadian AI Magazine as well as reduced rates at CSCSI conferences and reduced subscription rates for other journals.

Carnegie Mellon - Artificial Intelligence Repository : Publications, programming languages and other AI resources. Software packages for agents, alife, distributed AI, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, knowledge representation, machine learning, neural networks, natural language processing, planning, reasoning, robotics, search, speech, vision and many other areas.

Carnegie Mellon (CMU) - Computer Science Research : Research on active perception, case-based reasoning, intelligent co-ordination and logistics, SOAR, theorem proving, language and speech, learning, planning, robotics, vision and image processing and many other areas.

Chicago - Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

City - Constraint Programming Archive : Bibliographies, papers, conferences, and external links on constraint programming and computational logics. Also FAQ for comp.constraints.

Colorado - Linguistic Geometry : Research on the development of syntactic tools for knowledge representation and reasoning about large-scale hierarchical complex systems, based on the broad application of the theory of formal languages and grammars. Boris Stilman.

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Databases

Dresden - Artificial Intelligence Institute

Dresden - International Master Programme on Computational Logic

Edinburgh - Artificial Intelligence

Edinburgh - Artificial Intelligence - FTP Directory of Research Papers

Edinburgh - Artificial Intelligence - Research : Machine vision, mathematical reasoning, mobile robots.

Edinburgh - Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute (AIAI)

Edinburgh - Informatics, Division of : The study of the structure, behaviour and interactions of natural and artificial computational systems.

European Association for Logic, Language and Information (FoLLI)

European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence (ECCAI)

European Inductive Logic Programming Pan-European Network (ILPNET) : Research at the intersection of machine learning and logic programming.

FISC (Financement Insertion en Sciences Cognitives) Mailing List - English or French : International mailing list devoted to jobs, post-docs and grants in cognitive science, interpreted broadly to include all disciplines covered by this resource guide. Highly recommended.

French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control (INRIA) - AI, Cognitive Sciences and Man-Machine Communication

Georgia Tech - Artificial Intelligence

Georgia Tech - Artificial Intelligence Abstracts

German National Research Centre for Computer Science (GMD) - Artificial Intelligence Research Division

German National Research Centre for Computer Science (GMD) - Machine Learning Group

German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)

Grammatical Inference - USA or France : Grammatical Inference (AKA automata induction, grammar induction or automatic language acquisition) refers to the machine learning of grammars. Applications in syntactic pattern recognition, adaptive intelligent agents, diagnosis, computational biology, systems modelling, prediction, natural language acquisition, data mining and knowledge discovery.

Hybrid and Integrated Systems - Special Interest Group

Hybrid Intelligent Systems Home Page : Maintained by Sumit Virman and Larry Medsker at American University (AU).

Illinois - Artificial Intelligence Group : Computer and robot vision, navigational schemes, knowledge representation, automated decision systems, deductive and inductive reasoning methods, analysis and generation of natural language, cognitive modelling and simulation, robotic motion, task planning, and plan execution/error recovery schemes.

Illinois - AI Group and Inductive Learning Group - Resource Page : Useful resources for AI researchers, especially those in machine learning.

Imperial Cancer Research Fund - Advanced Computation Laboratory (ACL) : The theory and application of logic programming and artificial intelligence to support the understanding of the biological bases of cancer, and improved methods for its prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Research projects include the integration of digital image processing and decision support systems, a generic technology for risk assessment and counselling, techniques and methodologies for cognitive modelling, symbolic decision theory for autonomous agents, argument construction for reasoning under uncertainty, and many others.

Indiana - AI and Cognitive Science Paper Archive : Primarily papers on case-based reasoning.

Innsbruck - Mathematics - Artificial Intelligence and Rational Aesthetics : Research on system theory, Walsh functions, differential equations, pilgrim step transformation, logic, geometry, didactics, theory of harmony of colours, artificial intelligence and rational aesthetics. Roman Rudolf Liedl.

Institut Dalle Molle d'Intelligence Artificielle Perceptive (IDIAP), Valais : Research on neural networks, computer vision, logic programming, optical character recognition, speaker verification and identification, speech recognition, uncertainty management in expert systems and other areas.

Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC), Amsterdam

Intelligent Hybrid Systems : Maintained by Sukhdev Khebbal and Suran Goonatilake at University Colllege London (UCL).

Iowa - Artificial Intelligence Research Group : Vasant Honavar and others, principally on symbolic/connectionist systems. Research papers available online.

Istituto Dalle Molle di Studi sull'Intelligenza Artificiale (IDSIA), Lugano Research on AI tools, robotics (execution, planning and learning of sensor-based activities), knowledge discovery, artificial life, linguistics and second language learning, reinforcement learning, evolutionary computation, neural networks and other areas.

Istituto per la Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica (IRST) - Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Group : Includes CRACK, an online description logics evaluator, and pointers to external AI, description logics, knowledge representation and ontology links.

Istituto per la Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica (IRST) / Genoa (DIST) / Trento (DISA) - Mechanized Reasoning Group - Technical Reports : Publications on knowledge representation, modal logics, reasoning with contexts, logics for multiagent belief and knowledge, interactive theorem proving, meta-level theorem proving, reasoning by abstraction, reasoning by analogy, planning and theory of planning.

Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence / Associazione Italiana per l'Intelligenza Artificiale (AI*IA)

Kaiserslautern - Algorithmic Learning Group : Research on algorithmic learning, computational learning, inductive inference, AI and other topics.

Knowledge Based Systems (KBS), Bibliography on Validation and Verification of : 160+ entry bibliography in BiBTeX format.

KEML - Knowledge Engineering Methods and Languages : Archive of the KEML mailing list, events and proceedings, papers, bibliographies, and external links to research groups and resources.

Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language (KQML) : A language and protocol for exchanging information and knowledge. Part of a larger effort, ARPA Knowledge Sharing Effort, which is aimed at developing techniques and methodology for building large-scale knowledge bases which are sharable and reusable.

Knowledge Representation : A list of projects, people, conferences and resources related to knowledge representation, automated reasoning and computational logics, maintained by Enrico Franconi at IRST.

Lancaster - Applied Artificial Intelligence / AI in Education Group : Research in the broad spectrum of theoretical AI - knowledge representation, human-computer interaction, cognitive modelling, expert systems and neural networks - and its application to realistic problems in industry, commerce and education.

Lausanne (EPFL) - Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (LIA) : Research on constraint satisfaction and constraint programming, case-based reasoning, software agents, model-based and qualitative reasoning, and natural language processing.

Lockheed - Artificial Intelligence Center

Logic Programming : World-wide information on logic programming, Prolog and other languages. Maintained by Jonathan Bowen at Oxford.

London-Birkbeck College - Computer Science : Research in applied artificial intelligence.

London-Imperial College (ICL) - Computing : Research in advanced languages and architectures, logic programming, theory and formal methods.

London-King's College (KCL) - Image Processing Group

London-Queen Mary and Westfield College (QMW) - Distributed Artificial Intelligence Unit : Research and publications in distributed AI and agent-based computing, including social level characterisations of responsible agents, multi-agent negotiation, social reasoning and multi-agent rationality, formalising agent interactions, negotiation between intelligent agents, knowledge sharing and communication between disparate agencies, integration of goal generation and planning in agents with goal autonomy, coordinating agents for telecommunications applications, and information gathering agents.

Machine Intelligence Institute (MII) : Ronald Yager.

Machine Learning and Case-Based Reasoning : International index of researchers' home pages.

Machine Learning Databases and Domain Theories

Machine Learning Library in C++ (MLC++)

Machine Learning List (ML-LIST)

Manchester - Artificial Intelligence Group : Knowledge representation, reasoning, natural language, memory, learning and neural networks.

Maryland - Document Understanding Bibliography (DOCBIB) : Includes references in fields relating to document analysis and recognition, ie pattern recognition, image processing and computer vision.

Massachusetts (UMass) - Case-Based Reasoning Group

Massachusetts (UMass) - Distributed Artificial Intelligence Group : Research in multiple agent interaction, sensor interpretation, sound understanding, real-time scheduling, and resource-constrained scheduling.

Massachusetts (UMass) - Machine Learning Laboratory : Research on problem-solving systems, self-improving systems, automatic feature construction, apprentice learning and inductive generalization.

Massachusetts (UMass) - Resource-Bounded Reasoning Research Group : Research on the implications of limited computational resources on the design of intelligent agents, including decision theory, real-time planning, autonomous agent architectures and reasoning under uncertainty.

Michigan - Artificial Intelligence Laboratory : Research and publications on real time planning and control for unmanned ground vehicles, distributed intelligent agents, the Soar architecture and other topics.

Microsoft Research - Decision Theory Group : Probability theory, decision theory, Bayesian statistics, AI and decision analysis.

MIT - AI Laboratory : Home Page - projects, publications, people, events, library catalogues, computing resources and software, other MIT and network resources.

MIT - AI Laboratory Publications : Pointers to several resources for finding current and archived MIT AI Lab publications, including those unavailable online.

MIT - AI Laboratory On-Line Bibliography : Selected bibliography of MIT AI Lab publications containing only those publications and their abstracts which are available online in the FTP directory.

MIT - AI Laboratory Publications FTP server : All MIT AI Lab publications which are available online, organized by year of publication and publication number.

MIT - Media Laboratory - Research Groups : Research and publications on epistemology and learning, gesture and narrative language, machine listening, machine understanding, software agents, spatial imaging, vision and modelling and many other topics.

Monash - Artificial Intelligence

National Research Council of Canada (NRC) - Institute for Information Technology (IIT) - Artificial Intelligence Resources : Comprehensive resource including links to archives for news groups and mailing lists, bibliographies, books, companies, conferences, employment opportunities, FAQs, journals, locations, news groups, personal home pages, publishers, repositories and resource lists, search engines, societies and WAIS servers, and extensive subject index. Also see elsewhere under NRC IIT for individual resources.

Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence

New South Wales - Artificial Intelligence : Research in cognitive science, control applications, knowledge acquisition, machine learning, multi-agent problem solving, natural language understanding, neural networks, qualitative methods, robotics, vision and pattern recognition.

Northwestern - Institute for the Learning Sciences (ILS)

Nottingham - Artificial Intelligence Research Group Research and papers on knowledge-based systems, knowledge acquisition, autonomous agents, intelligent tutoring systems, planning, natural language understanding, cognitive modelling and associated tools, evolutionary simulation, adaptive behaviour, and artificial life.

Nottingham - Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Nottingham - Knowledge Acquisition

Nottingham - Knowledge-Based Systems

Nottingham - Machine Intelligence Group : Including timetable research, character and pattern recognition, constraint logic programming, and unification theory.

Nottingham - Planning

Oregon - Computational Intelligence Research Laboratory (CIRL) : Search, knowledge representation and reasoning. Matt Ginsberg on dynamic backtracking, planning, reasoning about action and nonmonotonic logics.

Ottawa - Knowledge Acquisition and Machine Learning Research Group (KAML)

Quadralay Corporation - Fuzzy Space : Fuzzy logic archive, including comp.ai.fuzzy FAQ, fuzzy systems tutorial, information on fuzzy expert systems and fuzzy environmental control.

Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction : Introductory textbook on reinforcement learning by Richard Sutton and Andrew Barto (1998). The book is published by MIT Press, and a full on-line version is also available. Topics covered include evaluative feedback, the agent-environment interface, goals and rewards, the Markov property, Markov decision processes, optimal value functions, dynamic programming, Monte Carlo methods, temporal difference learning, eligibility traces, generalization and function approximation, planning and learning.

RISE: Repository of Online Information Sources Used in Information Extraction Tasks : A distributed repository of online information sources for the empirical analysis of machine learning algorithms that generate extraction patterns. Maintained by Ion Muslea at ISI/USC.

Rochester - Computer Science (URCS) - Artificial Intelligence : Research projects include natural language dialogue and interactive planning, virtual reality, plausible inference, classification, and default logics, knowledge representation tools, and episodic logic.

Rochester - Computer Science (URCS) - AI Technical Reports : Planning, knowledge representation, temporal reasoning, discourse, natural language processing, cognitive modelling, genetic algorithms, reinforcement learning, vision, speech recognition, neural networks, supervised and unsupervised learning, embodiment, object recognition and other topics. James Allen, Dana Ballard, Graeme Hirst et al.

SRI International - Engineering Research : Links to Artificial Intelligence Center (AIC), Computer Science Laboratory (CSL), research groups in virtual perception, machine vision and robotics.

SRI International - Artificial Intelligence Center (AIC) : Research in natural language, perception, representation and reasoning.

Staffordshire - Artificial Intelligence Research Group : Research on applied AI, cognitive science, natural language processing, Bayesian and neural networks, and artificial agents.

Stanford - ARPA Knowledge Sharing Effort : Includes papers, public domain ontologies and software, and email archives including discussion on knowledge representation by Pat Hayes, John Sowa, John McCarthy, Tom Gruber and others.

Stanford - Artificial Intelligence And Robotics : Research on artificial intelligence and formal reasoning, expert systems, large knowledge bases, agent-based architectures, image understanding, robotics, machine learning, mathematical theory of computation, program synthesis and verification, natural language understanding, parallel architectures, design/manufacturing, and portable LISP systems.

Stanford - Center for Advanced Medical Informatics (CAMIS) - Research Groups : Past and current research, including project descriptions for MYCIN, EMYCIN, TEIRESIAS, AM, EURISKO and many other early expert systems.

Stanford - Formal Reasoning Group : Research on the analysis and development of formal reasoning in artificial intelligence. Includes link to John McCarthy's home page.

Stanford - Knowledge Systems Laboratory : Research on knowledge representation for shareable engineering knowledge bases and systems, computational environments for modelling physical devices, architectures for adaptive intelligent systems, and expert systems for science and engineering.

Stanford - Logic Group

Stanford - Nobotics : Modelling artificial agents and their environments. Emphasis on computational reasons for ascribing mental attitudes to machines, and on the relation between symbolic reasoning and sensory-motor activity. Yoav Shoham.

Surrey - Artificial Intelligence Group : Research on connectionist simulation of linguistic and numerical development (both innate and environmentally related processes), multiagent systems, terminology and text-based knowledge acquisition, knowledge-based expert systems, and computational semiotics.

Sussex - Computing and Cognitive Sciences (COGS) : Interdisciplinary research in AI, philosophy, psychology and linguistics.

Texas - Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Texas - Machine Learning Research Group : Research on combining empirical and knowledge-based learning techniques including applications such as natural language acquisition, problem solver speedup, diagnosis, qualitative modelling, and tutoring systems.

Texas - Qualitative Reasoning Research Group : Research and publications on qualitative reasoning about the physical world, spatial reasoning and intelligent robotics, resource-limited approaches to knowledge representation. Benjamin Kuipers.

Unified Computer Science Technical Reports Index

Vienna - Medical Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence (IMKAI) : Also see joint page with the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI) which includes an interactive library information system with bibliographic details of books, research papers, conference papers, journal articles from many subfields of artificial intelligence.

Wales-Bangor - Computing as Compression : Research on the SP theory ie that all kinds of computing and formal reasoning may usefully be understood as information compression by pattern matching, unification and metrics-guided search. Relates to algorithmic information theory (AIT), minimum length encoding (MLE), machine learning, data mining, pattern recognition, deduction, abduction and case-based reasoning. Gerry Wolff.

Washington - Artificial Intelligence : Planning, machine learning.

Waterloo - Logic Programming and Artificial Intelligence Group (LPAIG)

Western Ontario - Cognitive Modelling and Machine Learning : Publications on symbolic modelling of cognitive tasks, inductive logic programming (ILP), and other topics in machine learning. Charles Ling.

Wisconsin - Artificial Intelligence : Jude Shavlick. Neural/symbolic hybrids. Also computer vision, robotics, machine learning, neural networks, deductive problem solving and expert systems. Research papers by FTP.

Yale - Artificial Intelligence Group : Research on problems in planning, vision, navigation, and manipulation that are central to the construction of intelligent autonomous systems. Current research projects include planning, reasoning and spatial mapping, realtime visual tracking, hand-eye coordination, distraction-proof contour tracking, incremental focus of attention, mobile robotics, vision-based grasping, obstacle avoidance, and colour tracking.

York - Intelligent Systems Group : Research and on-line publications on knowledge representation and reasoning, planning, natural language processing, requirements analysis, logic programming, causal and nonmonotonic reasoning, case-based reasoning, inductive learning, constraint solving and spatial and temporal reasoning. Also see separate research papers page.

Zurich (UNIZH) - Artificial Intelligence Laboratory : Interdisciplinary research and publications on the study of intelligence in natural and artificial systems, specialising in situated design and autonomous agent design. Neural network-based, biologically inspired robots. Rolf Pfeifer.

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