Distributed Dynamical Omnicast Routing

Complex Systems (intl. journal) Volume 16, Issue 4, 2006, ISSN 0891-2513

Felix Schill & Uwe R. Zimmer

The omnicast problem addresses the need of uniform information dispersal in a group of individual nodes (robots), i.e. every robot needs to receive (and process) the (processed) observations by everybody else. The time (or the number of schedule slots) it takes to exchange all distributedly collected information between all nodes/robots is a critical limiting factor for almost all practical swarm or distributed sensing applications. The establishment of a practical distributed scheduling scheme for this purpose is therefore crucial. Actual practical constraints of limited communication ranges, low bandwidth, asynchronous entities, and disturbances on the communication channels complicate this problem.

This article proposes a method of distributed dynamical omnicast routing (DDOR) which converges and solves the above problem and also does so with high performance ratings, as demonstrated in simulations.

The problem of fast information dispersal in short range, and limited bandwidth affected communication systems in heterogeneous swarms of a autonomous vehicles occurs in many applications. One example is the distributed control of large schools of underwater vehicles.

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