Kyushu's highly -developed transportation infrastructure. Kyushu has seven airports equipped with runways over 2,500 meters, (some of which are still under construction.) The airports connect Kyushu's regional cities with major cities in Japan and 18 cities around the world. Kyushu is an island blessed with many good ports. In particular, Kitakyushu Port (with 168 departures per month) and the Hakata port (with 115 departures per month) handle large volumes of international container cargo. Other ports are now being fitted with international container berths. Expressways and railways run throughout Kyushu inter-connecting its major cities. The latest model of the high-speed Bullet Train (Shinkansen) provides easy and quick access to Tokyo and Osaka. These efficient and highly-developed transportation infrastructures give businesses in Kyushu even more advantages.

As of March 2000

International Flights

As the result of fully-developed network of air transport linking the Asian-Pacific region, which is expected to continue to show strong economic growth, 150 international flights round trip a week on 18 routes fly from Fukuoka Airport to key cities in Asia-Pacific Area. There are also regular flights to China and Korea from the airports of Nagasaki, Oita and Kagoshima respectively.

Domestic Flights

All the airports in Kyushu are connected with regular flights to major airports in Tokyo, Osaka, etc. Fukuoka Airport, the largest among them, is a hub for travel within Japan, with 155 flights round trip a day on 33 routes to not only the major airports in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo and Okinawa, but also many regional cities and remote islands.