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 Dragonfly (in-flight macro)

Tau Emerald Dragonflies are small (about 5 cm long), fast, and suspicious. It takes a while before they get any closer than 2m and the maximum hovering time at the creek where I found this one was about 1-2 seconds - usually much shorter. Good thing is that they are always in the air, so there is plenty of time to get used to their flight patterns.

I was lucky enough to get a few good close-up shots where the body and leg hairs become clearly visible. [180mm, f4.5, 1/1000, ISO320].

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Keyword tags: ACT, Australia, Canberra, Dragonfly, Fauna, Insect, Nature, Wildlife, Scientific name: Hemicordulia tau, Common name: Tau Emerald, Order: Odonata, Family: Corduliidae, Order: Odonata, Libelle, トンボ, Demoiselle, 잠자리, 蜻蜓, Libélula, стрекоза