What are they?

The Serafina project introduces

Schools of Small
Autonomous Submarines

to the underwater world. While each individual submersible might be equipped with a different set of sensors, they all share a common communication system.

This enables them to organize the school as a single entity (distributed control), to disperse locally sensed data to many submersibles (e.g. for the purpose of sensor data fusion), and to grow or shrink the current school.

Individual Serafinas are modular submersibles equipped with a variety of sensors, five independent thrusters, multiple communication channels, and a set of control architectures, which are implementing the localization, coordination, navigation, and mission control parts.

What can they do?

The list of benefits of the Serafina project can be broken down to the commercial application side, and the perspectives of scientific exploration

Commercial applications:

  • Searching
  • Exploration
  • Mapping
  • Monitoring
  • Inspection
  • ...

Scientific exploration:

  • Exploration of unknown territory and marine life.
  • Seeking biochemical distributions and geological phenomena.

Small is beautiful?

Why small? (Serafinas are only 40 cm in lengths.) In case that the obvious limitation in payload does not pose a problem, a small submersible enjoys many advantages:

  • Easy handling (no winch, no crane, etc.)
  • Great robustness at reasonable costs
  • Low (or no) threat to operators and environment
  • Enhanced flexibility and speed of deployment.

     Latest news: Serafinas are currently in a re-design phase - please stay tuned

Where is more information?

Information about the products can be requested from serafina-info. For the scientific part of the project you can visit our site at the Australian National University or contact the scientific team directly:

How can you get one (swarm)?

Serafina is not yet available to be ordered off the shelf - still, you can register to be kept informed about release dates, and you can contact us with your specific requirements (serafina-info).

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