Imari-yaki Ceramics -Saga pref.-

"Imari" is the first porcelain produced in Japan. In the mid-17th century, the ceramics were exported to Europe through the Dutch company of East India. The exquisite beauty of gorgeous color and fine technique was adored and cherished by the nobility in those days.

Bamboo Crafts - Oita pref.-

Beppu's bamboo crafts show you the beauty and convenience of bamboo. They are traditional crafts, dating back to the Muromachi Era. Available is a variety of bamboo goods, from exquisite bamboo crafts, tea utensils, cake
trays, to reasonable souvenirs.

Satsuma Kiriko(cut glass) -Kagoshima pref.-

This delicate and graceful craftmanship of cut glass is a production that comes from the merger of Japanese and European techniques. Japanese aestheticism can be strongly felt in its magnificent cutting and unique gradation of color.

Hakata Dolls -Fukuoka pref.-

After making a plaster mold for the original figure, kneaded clay is put into the mold. Then the mold is removed and the figure is baked in a kiln. Finally the figure is elaborately painted. A wide range of Hakata dolls is produced: beautiful women, children, Noh and Kabuki stars, warriors, men and modern figures.