Unzen Hot Springs -Nagasaki pref.-

Unzen is the first national park designated in Japan. It is a treasure house of wild birds and highland plants. Blessed with magnificent nature, it has remained an exotic resort since it was started as a resort for foreigners decades ago.

Huis Ten Bosch -Nagasaki pref.-

The Dutch name means "A house in the woods." This theme park, located in Sasebo,is a complete reproduction of a 15th century Dutch town. It is a wonderful assortment of various facilities such as high-grade hotels, amusement facilities andmuseums.

Uminonakamichi Seaside Park
-Fukuoka pref.-

A vast nature park surrounded by the sea. It embraces amusement facilities, swimming pools, cycling courses as well as the latest acquarium which has a collection of marine life from all over the world.

Seagaia -Miyazaki pref.-

A southern resort facility situated along Hitotsuba Beach in Miyazaki. It has the "Ocean Dome" which is the largest indoor water park in the world(authorized by the "Guiness Book") with a for-all-weather retractable roof(total length 300m x width 100m x height 38m; 3 storied).