Kujukushima/99 Islands -Nagasaki pref.-

Kujukushima (99 Islands) is a name for the islands dotted on the sea streching 25 kilometers from Sasebo to Hirado.There are up to 170 island, which make the most concentrated waters in Japan.

Yakushima/Yakushima Island
-Kagoshima pref.-

In 1994, about one-fifth of the island was designated as the World Heritage. With the Jomon-sugi cedar tree, dating back to over 7,000 years, as the oldest, the giant Yaku-sugi cedar trees, surviving a few thousand years, stand towering high in the sky.

Mount Aso (The Outer Rim of a Caldera)
-Kumamoto pref.-

Mount Aso boasts the world's largest caldera, measuring 18 kilometers from east to west and 24 kilometers from north to south, and its surrounding outer rim.

Yanagawa (Punting Boat Downstream Journey) -Fukuoka pref.-

Yanagawa, with canals running throughout the city, is called "The City of Waters". The city features a punting boat journey downstream the canals with views of fresh green weeping willows casting their shadows over the canals and old storehouses with whitewashed walls on the banks.

Takachiho-kyo/Takachiho Gorge
-Miyazaki pref.-

Created by water erosion in the volcanic rock from Mt. Aso, Takachiho has been designated a national natural scenic monument. The 80-meter tall banks extend for about seven kilometers.