Kannawa Hot Springs - Oita pref.-

There still remains an atmosphere of time-honored hot spring resort. Clouds of steam rising here and there in the town create a unique scenery.

Furusato Hot Springs -Kagoshima pref.-

This hot spring resort has a number of modern hotels, equipped with jungle baths, pools and even outdoor baths overlooking the ocean. A monument to the writer Fumiko Hayashi also stands here.

Tsuetate Hot Springs -Kumamoto pref.-

Natural hot water bubbles out along the deep ravines in a national park. The springs are considered to have started to be recognized 1,700 years ago when an empress at that time used them for her baby's first bath. Sick or elderly people would come with their sticks(meaning of "tsue") and go home cured leaving their sticks behind. Many such miraculous stories abound there.

Natural Sand Steam Hot Springs -Kagoshima pref.-

The Natural sand steam baths are located in Ibusuki Surigahama coast and the adjoining Fushime coast in Yamagawa Town. Lie down and let the attendants cover you in steaming sand sweat bursts from every pore in a delightful experience.