Hakata Ramen Noodles -Fukuoka pref.-

One of the three greatest "ramen" noodles in Japan(the other two exist in Tokyo and Sapporo.) Try its rich pork stock and you'll never forget it. It is a regular menu you can find at "yatai" stalls as well as at "ramen" noodle shops.

Shippoku Ryori -Nagasaki pref.-

The most well-known cuisine of Nagasaki. It features a unique cosmopolitan taste that reflects the deep influence of Portugal, China and Holland with whom the region has had a long history of exchanges.

Steamed Eel -Fukuoka pref.-

Steamed eels are the best choice when you visit Yanagawa. After charcoal-broiled eels are put on rice flavored with special sauce, the dish is completed by steaming. This cooking recipe is unique to Yanagawa.

Takamori Dengaku -Miyazaki pref-

Traditional food of Takamori Town in Miyazaki Prefecture. You will enjoy coating river fish, potatoes, devil tongues("konnyaku") and bean curd("tofu") with seasoned soy bean paste("miso") and broiling them over charcoal in the hearth. It is a simple, healthy country cuisine that makes you feel nostalgic.