FAZ (Foreign Access Zone)
The Foreign Access Zone Project aims at facilitating imports into the Japanese market, to which Japan is committed. Foreign Access Zones (FAZ) are established where import-related facilities, businesses, etc., are to be concentrated in and around certain international airports and harbors. In Kyushu, the following four areas have been officially designated as FAZ.

.Kitakyushu FAZNagasaki FAZOita FAZKumamoto FAZ
AreaKitakyushu City, Fukuoka PrefectureOmura City, Nagasaki PrefectureOita City and Beppu City, Oita PrefectureKumamoto City and Mashiki Town, Kumamoto Prefecture
Year of Designation1992199219931994
Hub Port/AirportKitakyushu PortNagasaki AirportOita PortKumamoto Port
Project Organization*Kitakyushu Import Promotion Center Co., Ltd.*Nagasaki International Air Cargo Terminal Co.Ltd.Oita International Trade Center Co., Ltd.Kumamoto FAZ Co., Ltd.
Outline The designated area includes the north exit zone of Kokura Station and the harbor districts in Kitakyushu City.
As the 1st-phase project, the following were established: Kitakyushu International Distribution Center (KID) in the Tachinoura area in Moji Ward (facility for distributing imported goods); Asian Pacific Import Mart (AIM) in the north exit area of Kokura Station (facility for spporting the import business).
Nagasaki Airport Island and the opposite shore.
As the 1st-phase project, the following were established: airline cargo handling facilities on the airport island; Nagasaki Airport International Distribution Center with the freight agency building. As the 2nd-phase project, import support facilities were established on the opposite shore.
In the Ozai public wharf district in Oita Port, facilities to support distribution and business were established as the import base for goods from Asian countries in eastern Kyushu.Distribution Center in the Port of Kumamoto is scheduled to open in Spring 1999.

Convention and Tourism City
Based on the Convention Law which aims at promoting international conventions and tourism, municipalities sufficiently equipped with international convention and accomodation facilities and appropriate system, can be designated as 'International Convention and Tourism City' through application, and will be entitled to receive support from Japan National Tourist Organization for inviting and holding international conventions.

Fukuoka City
(International Convention and Tourism City)

Omura City

Nagasaki City
(International Convention and Tourism City)

Kagoshima City
(International Convention and Tourism City)

Miyazaki City
(International Convention and Tourism City)

Kumamoto City
(FAZ/International Convention and Tourism City)

Oita City

Beppu City
(FAZ/International Convention and Tourism City)

Kitakyushu City
(FAZ/International Convention and Tourism City)